Thursday, June 17, 2010


There's nothing better than making that last turn into your own driveway.

I arrived home with the kids and the dog last night after almost 3 weeks in New York at the cabin.  Compared to our recent treks to Oklahoma and Florida, the 8 hour trip from New York to New Hampshire is a piece of cake.

We are road warriors to be sure.  We know how to pack our SUV to maximize space,  we have potty stops timed to the second, and my kids are beginning to form fond childhood memories around rest stops along the New York Thruway - "Hey mama, remember when we stopped here and that guy gave me a ball from the prize machine!"
Sweet dreams kiddos!  I'd tuck you in but I can't reach past the suitcases.  Ellie clutches my childhood Raggedy Ann doll, Jack snuggles with his plastic army men and my baby falls asleep with a fast food drink tray.

I have missed my blog.  I have lots of  pictures and stories to share with you.  I also have lots of unpacking, then packing to do.
I'll be back soon!


Ellen Grant said...

Ya'll ARE busy! Great that your kids are good travellers!!

Marcia said...

What a great sleeping picture of your kiddos! Where did you all visit in Oklahoma?

Misty said...

Hey, Maria! I grew up in Tulsa and hadn't been back in over a year so we took a road trip to visit family. Thanks for stopping by.