Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I picked up this yarn and a free pattern for the "Holey Batman" scarf  at a great knitting store called Loops.  We were in Tulsa visiting my family and since my mother is a knitter too, we had to go.

We made a stop at the library first and checked out about 30 pounds of picture books.  Taking 4 children into a knitting store required some preplanning.  The books worked well, as did the promise of a treat for good behavior.  Half way through our visit the staff showed us a playroom in the back that was more than a basket of worn out toys tucked into a corner.  This was an actual room with french doors, an art table, a cute kitchen set, and some trucks and trains.  "Oh thank you!" I said with gleaming eyes.  (More time to browse without the rising panic that the kids are beginning to unravel!)

I've already packed it all up for our upcoming move or I'd tell you the name of the yarn.  It was wool (with just a little nylon I think) and lovely to work with.  I loved the variegated  shades of blues and grays. The finished scarf is long enough to double up and loop around the neck.  This is just the kind of fun and easy project I needed this season and I can't wait to wear it in Colorado this fall.
P.S.  We loved the store so much that we filmed our movie there.  Thanks Loops!

Another P.S.  I posted about the Keep Calm and Carry On mugs back in February.  Well I just found these knitting project bags  that are along the same lines.
"KEEP CALM AND CARRY YARN" -my new motto


Maria said...

Hi Misty!
Your recent posts are ohhh so sweet...
I used to take my children to the nursing home ... we "adopted" an elderly woman there named, Helen. They enjoyed all her chats with them ... and my girls loved her collection of nail polish and lipstick!
Your batman scarf is fabulous! I have some old projects to dig out and finish!

Your list of gratitudes and photos are so endearing~
Wishing you well as your family transitions from visits to moving ~ take care!

Graceful said...

That scarf is gorgeous -- oh how I need to learn how to knit!

Good luck with the move!