Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yesterday we had an outing to the coast with some dear friends.
The New England coastline is so beautiful!  We walked the Marginal Way, which is a paved path overlooking the rocky cliffs of Maine.  All along the path grow these beautifully fragrant roses.

Of course with 5 children, strolling the rose lined path wasn't going to cut it.  We needed adventure!

There was lots of rock climbing,

rock launching,

rock collecting,

and looking out for enemy aircraft.

All good adventures must include good food.
We had a picnic of sandwiches and watermelon,
followed by wonderful ice cream,
(this was the "kiddie size")

and then some salt water taffy from a candy shop called Goldenrod Kisses.

Then it was on to the beach for some sand between our toes.

The kids had a great time in the cold water and playing in the sand.  The mamas enjoyed the ocean breeze and the good conversation.

Pam has been a dear friend and support to me during our time in New Hampshire.  She has taught me what real friendship means with her honest conversation, her gentle ways with my children and her willingness to help at any time.  She was also what I call my "welcome home fairy".  Often when my family would travel (which we did a lot this year!) she would have milk and eggs in the refrigerator, and dinner in the crock pot when we came home.

We really enjoyed our perfect summer day with her and her daughter (who is really my 5th child!)

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