Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Last week I shared part 1 of this story.  If you haven't read it, you may want to start there.  
Part 1 was the prayer.  Part 2 is the answer.

Ask Boldly was the phrase in my head that day.
And I did.  And good things happened.

For a few days after I wrote the first part of this story I thought about what more I should share.  There are prayers cried out everyday, by people around the world, that are not answered in the way they desire.  Heartfelt, sincere prayers regarding addiction, illness, safety, relationships, grief and other deep matters of the heart.  My request to God, though very personal to me, was not, on a grand scale, very important.  Nor do I think the outcome of my prayer should be attributed to me asking the "right way" or having a more sincere prayer than others.   It was just one of those moments that takes you to the next level of your faith.  Just me, in the woods, with my dog, and a realization that I am allowed to approach the throne of Heaven with my requests.

I want to live in Colorado.  Make it happen Lord.

After that I let go of the constant fretting over "our plan".  Where are we going to live?  Can we afford it?  How will it effect my husband's job?  We knew it was the best thing for our family so I asked the One who could address all those earthly issues and then I let the worry go.  That was the big step - the letting go of trying to manage everything.

We had lived in Colorado before.
In fact we had made an offer on a home and found out the next week that my husband was being transferred to New York.  I was devastated at the time.  I loved the house, my oldest had just finished kindergarten at a school we loved, my 4th child was only 4 months old.

We left and everything was fine and we found blessings in the change.

It is almost 5 years later and we are hoping to go back to the same area.  I had my prayer moment and then it began to happen.  Things began to fall into place - the little details and the big obstacles.
My husband received permission to continue in his current position from Colorado.
A realtor we had contacted casually mentions his neighbors. "They mentioned selling once.  They have a house that would be perfect for your family but it's not on the market right now."  His description of the house begins to sound familiar.  It is the very house we almost bought 5 years ago!  He spoke to them and they said "If you have an interested party then we are ready to sell".

I was shocked that not only did God grant my request but he provided us with the same house we wanted before. We had thought we would find some boring rental, but this was icing on the cake.  In fact it was like receiving a sweet, delicious slice of cake when I only expected to receive toast.

We still had work to do.  My husband had sleepless nights waiting for mortgage approval.  We have had to pinch pennies.  There was school to figure out and a moving sale to organize. There are boxes yet to be packed. But I am happy to say that this is our new home and we move in July!

From black and white to technicolor.  From toast to chocolate frosted cake.  

To Ann and those of you visiting from Holy Experience - I know the theme for the month is marriage and I am off topic but I felt it necessary to finish my story.  I have really enjoyed my wanderings through Walk with Him Wednesday.  It is a privilege to know you ladies through your writing.


Anonymous said...

God is good!!! Congratulations on your new home and moving back to Colorado! Hope all goes well with the move! I'll be thinking of you!
-Amy B.

Graceful said...

I've enjoyed your story and its themes of trust and letting go. And that house...beautiful! Congratulations on moving back to Colorado -- life is good! God is great!

Jo@Mylestones said...

Wow, what an amazing gift, to be able to go back--and to that very house! From black and white to technicolor, indeed!

Jill said...

Misty - I'm a friend of Stacey's and she gave me the link to your blog. I've truly enjoyed getting a glimpse in to your life. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this entry. My family is going through the EXACT same thing. The lesson of asking boldly and then trusting for our Father to take care of the details has been on the front burner of our lives as well. Only, my prayer was to send us to Idaho from Colorado. God opened every door & blessed even more than we asked. Isn't it wonderful when we get to see God working, and not just in hindsight?! Thank you again for your insight - I wish we could've been friends here in Colorado... but alas, we'll be moving in early August and you'll be here in July. Its like simultaneous "wishes" coming true at the same time. AMAZING!
- Jill

Misty said...

I hear about you through Stacey occasionally. I know you have been a good friend for her. I love hearing that you have a similar story! Many blessings in Idaho - I hear it is a beautiful place.

Laura said...


I never knew this story about you guys! Love it though! So glad you guys are here and our boys are friends!