Monday, June 21, 2010


“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language”  - Henry James

In the midst of our moving preparations, it is difficult to slow down and enjoy the summer.  By August 1 we will be in our new home and just a few weeks later our kids will be starting school, which for a former homeschooling family will mean a huge change in the the amount of time we spend together.  

I continue to be amazed and thankful for how the Lord has provided this opportunity for change in our family.  However, I will admit that all the work to get there has made me a little grumpy.  The best medicine for that is to get back into the gratitude saddle and continue my neglected list.

211.  a new hat 
212.  a favorite ice cream spot
213.  fresh picked strawberries 
214.  strawberry shortcake
215.  a swing near the lake
216.  the magic that Hello Kitty bandaids have
217.  evening light that makes her hair golden
218.  a little one rocked to sleep on a boat ride
219.  daredevil jet ski rides
220.  secret gardens
221.  the sweet smell of these flowers
222.  a budding reader
223.  encouraging words
224.  visits with friends
225.  being half way packed
226.  having the power to change my attitude
227.  a trip to the Canterbury Shaker Village
228.  the charm of New England
229.  sunshine in an old barn
230.  a barefoot walk with Daddy
231.  a tight grip from little hands
232.  the encouragement I receive during Sunday worship service
233.  dedicated Bible class teachers who give their time for my children
234.  spiritual questions from young children
235.  the fresh scent of lavender in the sunshine
236.  the fresh fragrance that God's grace provides in my life
Enjoy your summer!

P.S.  I was recently inspired by Gina who wrote a sweet post called Recipe for a Summer Afternoon.  The pictures made me want to forget my chores and remember to spend time with my children.  Check it out.


Nancy said...

Hooray for new hats! And, yes, I do believe there is magic in Hello Kitty bandaids. You're right--moving is hard work. Glad you were given these gifts to refresh your soul.

emily wierenga said...

this is beautiful. love the photos.

suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

lovely photos, lovely family:) (and lovely liberty of london hat:)

deb said...

oh, this was fabulous.
thanks for sharing