Monday, April 19, 2010

1000 GIFTS

Just a quick list today...
151.  finding the books that my reader enjoys and increases her confidence
152.  those freckles again
153.  strawberry shortcake for dessert
154.  forsythia blooming in my vase
155.  counting the dozens of forsythia bushes we see on the long drive to church 
156.  enjoying the brightness they add to the damp and gray landscape
157.  the brightness offered by beautiful church windows
158.  old church steeples
159.  and spring flowering trees
160.  a child's interests
161.  a child's curiosity
162.  a really great tour of the State Capital 
163.  playing old fashioned games
164.  hearing "Mama, you make the best bread in the universe!"
165. talking bread with my brother long distance
166.  blue skies this morning

Have a lovely day!
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Trisha said...

I especially love 160, 161, and 164! Praising God with you for His goodness and mercy.

JoAnn said...

The Marshalls write the best books! I love their illustrations!
The pictures are beautiful on this post, and peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

Those freckles!The church steeple picture is great!

Gardenia said...

look at his bright interst! you captured it. yours is a marvelous list.

Holly said...

I love the steeple photo and yummy bread!! God bless - Holly