Friday, April 2, 2010


We leave for Florida EARLY tomorrow.  It is a LONG way from New Hampshire.  It is 24 hours trapped in a car with 4 children.  Pray for me.  We are armed with many DVD's, audio books, coloring books and snacks but that is a lot of togetherness.  And really,  how many Disney songs can you sit through without wanting to shoot one of the cute little characters?
We have done many long road trips with children and we have it down to a science. We know how to load a car with everything 6 people need for a week plus a toy bag and snack bag accessible. Everyone is assigned their 14 1/2 inches of seat space (well,  my husband and I get a little more than that!)   My husband is the potty police and believe me when I say there are no unauthorized stops!

On the bright side, in a weird way it is a little vacation for me.  I can sit and knit, read and eat chocolate for hours.
And when we finally get there we can do this...
P.S.  If I can wrangle the laptop from my husband's hands I will fill you in on our days.  Have a great week.

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