Monday, April 26, 2010


One year ago my husband and I took a trip to New York City.  It was a trip he had arranged with some sweet talking (to get his parents to watch our 4 children), some frequent flier miles, and hotel points.  He let me pick any destination that we could get too on the particular airline.  On the list were San Francisco, Cancun, New Orleans, and even Aruba. But I chose NYC.  I would go to any of those places in a heartbeat but I just really wanted to see New York in the springtime.  It was fabulous!  I ran into my photos on the computer the other day and was reminded how thankful I was for that trip.

167.  the Statue of Liberty on a blue sky backdrop
168.  the amazing tour at Ellis Island
169.  the resilience and determination of immigrants 
170.  Central Park in bloom and all the memories made there...
171.  renting bikes to ride
172.  a rickshaw tour in the evening
173.  a picnic in the afternoon
174.  watching the row boats pass under the bridge
175.  springtime blooming everywhere
176.  the food...
178.  hot dogs at a famous landmark
179.  Zabar's deli (the grocery store in You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan tries to avoid Tom Hanks)
180.  the best pastrami sandwich ever
181.  great Italian served outside at tiny tables
182.  watching all the people walking by and wondering what their lives are like
183.  the anticipation of finding great desserts
184.  finding them and splurging on several choices
185.  a fabulous and funny play that I want to see again and again
186.  the mix of modern and historical architecture
187.  an beautiful cemetery in the midst of the city
188.  window shopping 
189.  stopping in at the knitter's paradise - Purl 
190.  fancy chocolate shops
191.  tea at Alice's Tea Cup
192.  walking for miles with no purpose
193.  discovering all the neighborhoods, parks and quiet places in the big city

Thank you Lord for trips together,
sharing adventures and making memories.


Trisha said...

These pictures are amazing...can't believe the Statue of grand. What a joy that trip must have been and how wonderful that you can remember the blessings a year later. My son loves the book The Thirty-Nine different from the movie. How neat there is a play, too.

Misty said...

I'll have to check out the book. The play was laugh out loud hysterical. Only 4 actors playing all the parts with minimal props. It was fast paced and clever. Just recorded the Masterpiece Classics version on PBS. I can't wait to watch it and see how it differs.

Alida said...

What a blessing to have spent time in New York. I love your pictures!!

Peace, Alida

JoAnn said...

wow, Trisha's right, amazing pictures. I love Alice what a fun statue!
Now I want to go to NY, and I've never wanted to before, those pictures look beautiful!

Kerrie said...

Wonderful list! I love all your pictures, too...looks like a great trip! Blessings!