Monday, April 12, 2010


After  a week in Florida you can accumulate quite a list of gifts.
Here are some highlights.
119.  sidewalk chalk
120. seersucker dresses
121.  places with palm trees
122. bubble lips
123. bright plastic sand pails
124.  the simplicity of playing in the sand
125.  freckle faces
126.  bottles of spray-on 70 SPF sunscreen
127.  holding hands
128.  crisp shadows
129.  perfect weather - not too hot, not too cold, warm breeze and sunshine
130.  poolside reading
131.  evening kite flying
132.  perfectly mowed grass
133.  help from daddy
134.  father and son holding hands
135.  more seersucker dresses
136.  first time french braids
137.  the perfect golden light for photos
138.  in laws who are loving and supportive 
139.  family who say "Sure, I can do that for you."  without hesitation.
140.  help with laundry
141.  hours in the pool...
142.  ....even in the rain
143.  the silliness involved in building a shelter in the pool so you don't get wet from the rain
144.  really good strawberries this time of year
145.  sunsets

It was a lovely time.

Then comes the drive home.
Yesterday was rough.  On the second day of a two day drive I drop my husband in Baltimore and continue the drive to New Hampshire.  Through New York City, over the George Washington Bridge, the Tappen Zee Bridge, through a long tunnel, 2 different views of the Manhattan skyline, with a new navigation system that only accomplishes to confuse me, several wrong turns, fatigue, a child who threw up this morning, and several requests for potty stops that I cannot grant because we are who knows where,  in this kind of traffic...
...and did I mention that my car is telling me it has low fuel.

It was one of those days that you cannot do anything except power though it.  I was not listing gifts in my head.  I was trying to calm the urge to yell at my children, honk my horn, smash the GPS system and burst in tears.
So even though it is not as pretty I can, this morning, add to my list...
146.  the "FUEL STOP  1/4 MILE AHEAD" sign that I found at the top of that hill
147.  long conversations on my cell phone to keep me awake
148.  an endless stream of DVDs for the kids to watch in the car
149.  knowing that at the end of the day we would be in our own beds 
150.  waking up this morning and feeling better

Thank you Lord for vacations and thank you
that it always feels good to come home.


JoAnn said...

this is great! The vacation part made me want to trade places with you, but then you were honest and posted the traffic. You found joy in places I wouldn't have even tried to find joy in! Thanks for sharing your list.

Anonymous said...

What a LOVELY list! It brought tears to my eyes. I moved to the east 2.5 years ago from the midwest...there is no traffic I have ever experienced like the traffic I have expereinced on the Geo. Washington bridge in NYC. Glad you made it home safely!! Hope you hubby gets home safely too! Blessings...have a good week.