Thursday, April 8, 2010


Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler: CD Audiobook Cover

The name of this book is Walking the Bible: An Illustrated Journey for Kids by Bruce Feiler.  The funny thing is, we listened to the audio book, so we missed the illustrated part - which I'm sure is fascinating.
It was listed in the childrens section on the Simply Audiobooks website.  It is a simply told story but not at all juvenile.  We really enjoyed it as a family.

The author describes a journey he took to discover the locations of well known Old Testament stories.  It is a fascinating mix of scripture, geography, history, culture, and science.  There is also a little adventure thrown in as he travels through some dangerous areas.
I don't know anything about the author's theology.  He does not attempt to prove or disprove such stories as Moses on Mt. Siani, the Garden of Eden, or the Israelites fleeing from Egypt.  What he does do, beautifully, is bring the settings of these stories to life for children and adults alike.   

I was not familiar with the author but I see that he has written several books along these lines and I am interested to see the print version.  If you are interested, I noticed that the above version is on Amazon for only $6.80.  

Happy Reading!

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Maria said...

Oh Misty, my husband would love this book...
He is a geography buff and loves his Bible history!
Thanks for the tip {would make a great Father's Day treat}

Hope your day is lovely ~ Maria

ps. I'm getting so spoiled having this week off from school! I don't know how I'm going to get up and out by 7am next week!