Monday, April 5, 2010


Since we are in Florida this week I thought I would include beach inspired gifts on my list.  

106.  sandy toes
107. sandy creations
108.  room to run and cartwheel and dance and chase seagulls
109.  saggy bottom swimsuits
110.  seashells
111.  waves rushing over your feet
112.  treasure hunting among the rocks
113. teamwork
114. long ponytails on a hot day

115.  expanse of sky and water
116.  turquoise colored water
117.  reminders of God's power with every crashing wave
118.  reminders of the depth and width of His love


JoAnn said...

i LOVE the soggy swimsuit bottom!

StacyB said...

I won't even pretend not to be envious!

Traci said...

Sand, surf, sun and loved ones. Love it!


Misty said...

I know you love the beach! We are lucky enough to have family here to bunk with. The kids are living in the pool.

Jenny said...

We have never been to the beach. It looks like soooo much fun! Blessings to you and your family as you praise Him in the sun!