Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I occasionally like to post little stories, usually involving the strange things that come from the mouths of my children. I call them "random bits" because they don't fit into my other categories and because I can't really have a label called "strange things my children say and do that crack me up".
So without further ado...

Lovely child comes into the kitchen, curious as to this evening's menu.  Suddenly a look of horror and disgust comes over said child's face.  "Mama!' with surprise and shock. "There is NO WAY I'm eating those!" Then in almost a whisper and accompanied by a shudder of repulsion, "They have started to hatch."  
At first I said "Huh?"  And then I laughed hysterically and grabbed my camera.  Perhaps you should know that my child has a severe distrust of anything resembling mushrooms, fungus or growths of any kind.  In fact, he made a huge detour around a fallen log, on a recent nature hike, so he would not have to look upon the semicircular tree fungus growing in a neat row along the log.  The rest of us walked to the tree to investigate and I, of course,  took a few photos.
Now before you think I am a cruel mother, making my amusement from my child's phobia, I will tell you that he thinks it's so funny that I shudder if I have to drink from a styrofoam cup.  I can't help it.  I hate the feel of styrofoam on my mouth and the smell of my tea in a hot styrofoam cup.  We all have our oddities and we love each other anyway. 

I share this today for my Sixty Seconds on Tuesday post because it is the funniest 60 seconds I have had in my kitchen in a long time.  

Sorry for the weirdness today.  I promise things will be back to normal tomorrow!


Jenny said...

Oh this is too funny!! Here's my oddity (or at least one of them). I do not eat meat on the bone. I will eat steak, pork chops and chicken, if someone else pulls it off the bone for me or it is boneless. A little spoiled? maybe, but I can't stand the feel of gnawing on a bone, or holding an animals leg to eat meat off it.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Blogs are certainly a way to record the funny and ah ha moments in a child's life, it makes me wish I had taken the time to record those long forgotten moments that were so precious.
Love to you, Itsme