Saturday, April 17, 2010


On our recent trip to Florida I did some poolside reading.
I realize there are two things that are very wrong about this photo.
1.  Most people would not sit in the Florida sun and read a book about knitting.
2.  My sadly neglected toes are not painted a lovely shade of pink or coral.

I can only say I had good intentions for my toes but the polish sat in my suitcase and as for the book well... I knit, and knitters happen to have great books and blogs and a lot of humor.  

I won't bore you non-knitters with a book review on this one but I have to share an excerpt that made me laugh out loud poolside.  

In the book Sweater Quest: My Year of Knitting Dangerously by Adrienne Martini  the author describes her year knitting a very complicated pattern that is considered to be the Mt. Everest of the knitting world.  She takes a trip to visit a knitting designer she met through the internet and here is the part that made me laugh:

     Before I left, my husband said, "You're staying in the guest room of a person you barely know."
     "Pretty much," I said.  "I met her in person once.  She sent me yarn."
     "This is just something knitters do,  isn't it?" he said.
     "I think so.  Besides, if she kills me and buries me in the backyard, she'll probably blog about it."

So true!

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Marcia said...

I'm stopping by from Jenny's blog!
I love your Florida picture - I was in Florida a couple weeks ago knitting a shawl poolside :)
Love the picture on the book, I have put it and other knitting books on my amazon wish list! Thanks for the suggestion! I love the quote from the book!